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Colorado Ice Dam Removal Service

We know how to fix your ice dam problems on your residence or commercial business in Colorado.

“Contact Alpine Ice Solutions to Remove Ice Dams Safely With No Roof Damage Guarantee”

Alpine Ice Solutions, LLC uses a hot steam machine to melt away snow and ice from the roof. After the roof and gutter melting process, Alpine can install our innovative, exclusive Alpine Roof Ice Melt System and Gutter Heat Trace to permanently prevent future ice problems.

Common Types of Roof Ice Damage

Mold and Mildew Damage

MOLD AND MILDEW: Moisture damage to an interior wall allows for the growth of molds and mildew in the gypsum board.

Water Damage from Ice Dams

WATER DAMAGE: Moisture damaged ceilings. Water often collects on top of the vapor barrier above the drywall and is not visible immediately.

Insulation Damage from Roof Ice Dams

INSULATION DAMAGE: Insulation in an attic cavity after exposure to moisture loses 40% to 50% of it’s R-value rating.


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