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Ice Dam Prevention System

We know how to prevent ice dams on your residence or commercial business in Colorado.

How to Prevent Roof Ice Dams from Damaging YOUR Property

Prevent dangerous, damaging, and potentially costly roof ice dams.


➢ The Alpine Roof Ice Melt System is highly effective in the prevention of ice dams and icicles that form along the edge of your home, commercial property, or business location.

➢ Complete elimination of icicles and ice dams along the entire roof eave prevents water from collecting and leaking through the roof.

➢ You have the assurance that comes from knowing your home or business is protected from costly and destructive water damage caused by leaks when using Alpine Ice Solutions’ roof heat cable system.

Roof With An Ice Dam
Roof Ice Dam Problems Solved by Alpine Ice Solutions, LLC

Ice Build-up Destroys Gutters

In addition to icicles and ice dams, ice will form in gutters, destroying the integrity of the gutter. One cubic foot of fresh-water ice weighs approximately 60 pounds—a weight no gutter is built to tolerate. Heavy ice build-up will cause the gutter to break away from the roof and hang precariously, filled with ice. Damaged gutters means you incur the expense of replacement as well as repairing any damage to the roof, siding, or windows and trim if you don’t remove ice dams.

Prevent Water Damage Inside The Home

Roof Ice Dams on the exterior of your home or business is visible, but interior leaking can go unnoticed long enough to cause serious damage. Water stains or mold left in the path of melting ice do not show up immediately. The water that ice dams push into a home travels around wall and ceiling cavities, trapped by vapor barriers and other materials. Eventually the water penetrates the wall or ceiling. Water stains or signs of mold appear. By the time you notice the markings, the damage has already occurred.

Worry-free Solution To Ice Dams and Potential Water Damage

Alpine Ice Solution’s Roof Ice Melt System gives you peace of mind, knowing the Heated Panels will prevent the build-up of Roof Ice Dams and Icicles.

Frozen Roof Gutter in Colorado

Gutter systems can be damaged by gutter ice.

We see it every year. A section of otherwise fine gutter is either on the ground or hanging pathetically off the edge of the roof, filled with ice.

Fresh water ice weighs about 60 pounds per cubic foot and gutters are not designed to tolerate that sort of load.

Roof Ice Dam Problem in Colorado

The leaking caused by ice dams may not show up right away.

It would be nice if water stains or mold manifested immediately upon entering your home but it simply does not work that way.

Often the water that ice dams push into homes travels around wall and ceiling cavities, trapped by vapor barriers and other materials until it finds the path of least resistance to escape. By the time you see water inside, it’s usually been there for a while.

Roof Ice Dam Problem and Resolution in Colorado

Roof Ice dams can occur with virtually no snow on your roof.

It’s a question of ice accumulations. It takes very little actual moisture to form ice dams. Even a dusting of snow can create a problem. Of course it is most often the case the thick snow accumulations create ice dams more quickly.


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